The eduroam installer allows end users to easily and reliably configure devices (computers, laptops, smartphones) to access the network according to the eduroam standard.

In addition to wireless network access, it can also be used to configure a wired network access device (if the access service complies with the eduroam standard, such as network access in student dormitories).

To get started with configuring your device, click the "Get configuration" button for all supported operating systems (Android 4.4+, Chrome OS, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10). The corresponding CAT profile page (Configuration Assitant Tool will be displayed. Follow the instructions on that page.

For unsupported operating systems, you can get instructions by clicking the "Other operating systems" button.

Get configurations Other operating systems
Frequently asked question

  • For administrators of identity providers
    Administrators of identity providers have the option to change information about their identity provider institution by pressing Change information about identity provider and filling out the data in the Web form.

    In order to be authorized to do this AAI@EduHr electronic identity of administrator must have a value CARNet system engineer set in his hrEduPersonRole atribute.

    Change information about identity provider